170th Anniversary Service.
Luncheon at Holy Trinity.
Young waiters and waitresses.
Watercolour of the church.

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Two parishioners are seated for their meal.

Thank you, Holy Trinity, for being an incredibly special part of my life...

Anniversary Celebrations

Last year, our church celebrated its 170th Anniversary with a special service led by the Archbishop, followed by luncheon.

On 21 June, 2015, anniversary celebrations saw Holy Trinity packed with over one hundred clergy and parishioners past and present gathered to celebrate our beloved church building reaching the venerable age of 170.

'Retro' was the key theme of worship, with Archbishop Philip Richardson presiding using the traditional 1662 liturgy, and traditional hymns sung by a choir, under the capable direction of Jillian Suthon. Nine of our younger members joined clergy in a processional, and bells and smells abounded!

A delicious midday dinner, catered by the capable Evelyn Froom, was enjoyed, along with banter from our MC, Jimmy Richardson, and the cutting of the cake by the oldest parishioner, Joyce Florence (96), and the youngest, Lily Whaley (8). The past, present and future were reviewed and toasts proposed.

A huge thank you to organisers Norma Benton, Pam McAuliffe, Anne Francis and Hélène Young.

Younger members joined clergy in a processional.